We offer gelcoats from british company INEOS. Made of isophthalic resin.

The gels are both for hand application (marked H) and spray application (marked S).

Immediate delivery from a range of approx. 1500 shades – RAL, INSTINT 720, BS( British Standard), custom shades.

Adjustable gelation time!

Enguard GE gelcoat + topcoat, isophthalic

Maxguard GN gelcoat uv stable, hand gelcoat uv stable, spray topcoat uv stable, hand topcoat uv stable, spray

Maxguard GM gelcoat, pearlescent

SD xxxxx gelcoat abrasive, hand gelcoat abrasive, spray

Enguard GF gelcoat flame retardant, handheld gelcoat flame retardant, sprayable

Maxguard TNP gelcoat, for low emission technology

gelcoat and topcoat system

Possibility to extend the range of shades offered according to customer samples

Guarantee of the same quality and colour shade of each batch

Possibility of setting the processing time – gelatinisation

Pigments used are free of heavy metals

In INEOS’s standard product lines

ENGUARDTM (GE, TM xxxxx Sx, Hx) – isophthalic gelcoats and topcoats for spray or hand application. Gelation times A, B, C,

MAXGUARD® (GN, TN xxxxx Sx, Hx) – isophthalic / NPG gelcoats and topcoats for spray or hand application. Gelatinisation times A, C

MAXGUARD® (GM xxxxx SA) – pearlescent gelcoats for spray application. Gelatinisation time A

Colour swatches can be found here