Coremat provides many benefits to fibreglass manufacturers.
  • easy handling
  • good resin saturation
  • mouldability
  • low resin consumption
  • stable volume
  • reduces fibre scoring
  • uniform thickness
In the manufacture of fibreglass products that meet user expectations.
    • low weight
    • rigidity
    • high impact resistance
    • low costs and more efficient production
    • Coremat is available in thicknesses of 2, 3 and 4 mm


Product characteristics This is a mat that is sewn together with the glass fabric. It is characterised by better mechanical properties. It adapts well to the mould. Applications Suitable for boat and wind turbine parts manufacturers.


Spraying machines

Phoenix Equipment is a manufacturer of spraying machines for polyester gelcoats and resins. The machines are simple to operate, with easy maintenance. Made from high quality materials, but at low prices. They allow a wide range of power and material output settings for every application.
  • gelcoat machines (one or more)
  • resin spraying systems
  • dispensing systems
  • machines for RTM injection moulding
  • impregnators
  • accessories: heaters, catalyst flow alarm, trolleys
We would also like to offer you the products of the American company GLAS-CRAFT, which is now part of GRACO. Its production program is focused on the manufacture of equipment used for the processing of polyester resins, gelcoats and glass fibers. The company holds the world leadership in the success of mixing, spraying and coating processes. The advantages of all these machines are their easy operation, light weight and easy maintenance. For a quote on these products and their prices, please contact us.

Grid fabrics

Grid fabrics (perlinks) are characterized by high alkali resistance while maintaining excellent mechanical parameters. They are most commonly used in the construction industry Weights: 110, 145, 160 and others Mesh size: from 4 to 10 mm

    • strength
    • good adhesion
    • good workability
    • fire resistance
    • rot resistance
    • zero water absorption

Auxiliary materials

We have put all the materials that will help you and make laminating easier in one section to make your search as simple as possible.


We have become a consignment warehouse of Euro Charm Ltd. and thanks to this we can offer you quality technical acetone.


We offer peroxides from ARKEMA.

Separation materials



Abrasive and polishing pastes – for manual or machine professional use on hard plastic, metal and painted surfaces. They are very finely tuned to each other to achieve an optimum, very glossy surface without scratches or unevenness. They do not contain silicone or ammonia. M-50 Paste with strong abrasive action, removes coarse irregularities and scratches M-100 Universal paste composed of fine and medium abrasive grains. Suitable for removing scratches and oxidation. Achieves high gloss. M-150 Very fine polishing paste for achieving high gloss on moulds and finished products. Used as a finishing polish after the use of M-50 and M-100. Excellent for polishing polyurethane lacquer surfaces. M-500 Liquid cleaning and maintenance wax. Replaces lost wax after each stripping, smooths uneven wax layers, washes off styrene residue and removes excess gelcoat and old wax. Does not contain silicone.



Wax blue



Thickener. Packing – 4 kg.


This separator is used at the beginning of the use of a new mould. It can be used for products where high surface quality is not required.


For accurate dosing of peroxide. Volume 0,5 lt and 1 lt.


hairy Various types and sizes – from 7 cm long and 3 cm diameter metal material: steel, aluminium ongitudinally and transversely grooved plastic roller holders

Packaging materials

bubble wrap – width 0,5 m, 1 m, 1,5 m stretch film